Robert Hitchcock

Thanks for visiting our web site and your interest in our lab. Our goal is to develop solutions for current and future needs in health care. Most of our projects are motivated by unsolved clinical problems and we work closely with clinical partners who provide a sense of urgency and relevancy to our day to day efforts. We have a broad portfolio of projects from relatively simple infection control devices to advanced intra-surgical cardiac imaging devices. Our collaborators include surgeons and other clinicians, engineering specialists and commercial organizations. We have developed devices that are used in routine clinical practice and ones that are poised to shape the future of health care years from now. I’m proud to direct this talented group of students, engineers and researchers as we provide training and develop next generation technology. Our best products however aren’t the devices that we develop but rather the students we train. These young professionals will champion the changes in healthcare that will improve patient outcomes and make health care more affordable.

Tomasz J. Petelenz

Dr. Tomasz J. Petelenz is currently a Research Associate Professor at the Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah. His teaching and research interests include teaching (bioInnovate, bioDesign, bioImmersion, Introduction to Regulatory Affairs for Bioengineers) and mentoring students, projects in translational bioengineering, regulatory science, and medical device design. His professional experience encompasses a range of bioengineering areas, including implantable cardiac pacemakers, iontophoretic and infusion drug delivery, kidney dialysis machines, biosensors, optical sensors, cardiovascular devices, wireless data communication, prosthetics, and small business startups. Dr. Petelenz holds degrees in physics-microelectronics (MS) and bioengineering (PhD), and is an inventor / co-inventor on 30 patents, and author/co-author of more than 40 publications and presentations.